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Roombia vs Rumbia

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Hi guys, welcome to the portal provide a bulk of homestays list for your reference before you start your journey.

Why we choose Roombia as our brand? We took the name Roombia after the word rumbia traditionally been used by Malaysian village house as a roof or hut for their home.

They are still used today, especially in rural areas. Different architectural designs are present among the different ethnolinguistic groups in the country.  But, we believe one day this unique contruct will not be used as most rural area will be modernized. created to help homestays in Malaysia to be highlighted as tourism industry has experienced a rapid growth and gained in importance in the Malaysian economy during the last two decades. Then we decided to help the homestay owners to take this opportunity to make their homestay to be spotlighted and at the sametime to help tourists or backpackers to find the best homestay to stay.

We also want to take this opportunity to thanks to all friends, family and you for supporting us and hope Roombia will be prominent in this industry and always be the first choice to casinoonline casino

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